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-20 Pounder Plastic Flounder-                        Monthly Offset Preview

-20 Pounder Plastic Flounder- Monthly Offset Preview

$29.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price

Our -20 Pounder Plastic Flounder- Monthly Offset Preview is ideal for anyone looking to reduce their Plastic Footprint.

We can remove over 20 pounds ( a Full XLarge trash bag ) of plastic from North American oceans each month for a nominal fee of just $19.99. 

This is roughly the amount of plastic used by an average couple in the USA each month, so it's a great way to offset your house's plastic consumption.
Plus, we'll personalize the photos of your plastic removals with your name, so you can share your success with your friends and family.

This "Preview" is just one charge to sample our friendly services, should you like to continue each month and really help out, we'll wait for your "A-ok" - No funny business ! 

Feel better about how much plastic you use each month knowing we're helping on your behalf.

Try it out today and see how it can benefit your household

-Plus free gift entry into our Beachfront Basecamp vacation givaways!

No silly gimmicky physical products to buy, sell or ship here- just real, documented clean up results. 
Please pick more bags in quantity if you'd like more than one gathered. 
Note: The white bags are reused and black one are bio oraganic decompostable. 

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