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- The BeachComber -                                      Microplastic Collection

- The BeachComber - Microplastic Collection


The BeachComber Microplastic Sand Sifter Collection with Personalized Documentation

Plus free gift entry into our Beachfront Basecamp vacation givaways!

These tiny little fragments of plastic are imbeded nearly everywhere in our oceans and coastlines and though very small, are cuasing a large problem harming ocean birds and marine creatures alike.

This rabbit hole goes further down as microplastics are also being consumed by the fish we eat and can now be found inside your seafood! These tiny peices look like food to most seagoing creatures and are often cosumed. 

These little pieces are much harder to find and sort from the sand it resides. We will finecomb the beaches for them with a 2 person cleaing team and sift them through our beach Microplastic filters and clean them up over a large affected area.

We will then write your name in the sand for a photo of where they once layed and just how much you helped and send you the collage results for you to keep and share your contribution! 

We just desgned our new filters and processes of removal for this enemy and are anxious to show just how much we can get out. 

No silly gimmicky physical products to buy, sell or ship here- just real, documented results.

Note: The white bags are reused and black one are bio oraganic decompostable.

3 word Maximum on clean sand personalization and allow proper time for us to collect your desired amount.

Please let us know your preference in the notes in CART.

Love it? Make it a monthly subscription! 

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