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-Double Trouble-                                                   Triple Impact

-Double Trouble- Triple Impact

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.98Sale Price

Monthly Double Sized Plastic Cleaner Membership With Progress Documentation.

Plus free gift entry into our Beachfront Basecamp vacation givaways!

For just twice the sale price, we'll triple the plastic offset cleaning efforts on your behalf! 

Offset your households plastic footprint and we will clean up over 60 pounds / 3 FULL bags of plastics every month and send you your personalized thank you clean beach photo for half the regular cost!

In addition - You never know what will be found scrapped out on the ocean along with the mounds of plastics. If anything fun or unique shows up during your scheduled collection spot, we'll document that and send it your way as well! 

A once a month photo documented progress update will be sent to you for you to collect and share!

This is one of the biggest helpers of them all as we can rely on and continue our operations with a well stocked crew to maintain clean up regularity within our beachfront basecamps, Trash vehicles, workers and all the moving componenets which come in to play in these massive clean up operations. 

No silly gimmicky physical products to buy, sell or ship here- just real, documented results. 

3 word Maximum on clean sand personalization and allow proper time for us to collect your desired amount.

Please let us know your preference in the notes in CART.

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