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-Turtles Hurdles-                                           Eliminate Stray Nets

-Turtles Hurdles- Eliminate Stray Nets


Remove Harmful Fishing Nets Boat Search Trip With Personalized Photo documentation. 

Plus free gift entry into our Beachfront Basecamp vacation givaways!

We will take the beach plastics organiztions clean up ocean unit out with a crew of snoreklers and actively seek fishing items such as nets, ropes, tackle gear, line and bouys. 

This is obviously a tougher job and also takes the cooperation of mother nature and the seas for our boat teams to seek and destroy these turtle menaces. 

We wont stop until we fill up an entire trash bag full and we'll send you documentation along the way! 

No silly gimmicky physical products to buy, sell or ship here- just real, documented results.

Please send us a small , up to 3 word personization to write in the sand after our search and clean up returns to thank you! 

Love it? Also offered monthly. 

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