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-THE MEG-                                                     Sharknado Plastics

-THE MEG- Sharknado Plastics

$349.99 Regular Price
$249.98Sale Price

The MEG is a Whole Family/Business Massive Plastic Footprint Offset Clean-up Operation

Plus free gift entry into our Beachfront Basecamp vacation givaways!

We will organize and document a multi-faceted, large-scale marine plastic trash collection effort with multiple vehicles, truck loads and clean up crews.

Pictured with a before and after clean up reveal of a particulary very plastic ridden area of the beach or waterway and clean it all up while providing a hand written, personalized thank you for your contrubution in the clean sand at the end clean reveal!

Share what you and yours care about on social media and let them know you're doing your part to help! 

We garauntee no stopping until 25 bags have been filled! This is multiple truckloads and usually about a full days work with a multi- manned crew. 

No silly gimmicky physical products to buy, sell or ship here- just real, documented results.

Love it? This is also offered on a monthly basis at discount for those families and business which would really like to put a dent in their plastic footprint, just inquire in the notes. 

Help us all out while feeling better about your plastic comsumption and offset your plastic footprint today with Inverse Impact. 

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